Hi, I’m Miché Meizner,
owner of Vivace! Jewelry Company.
I specialize in the designing and crafting wedding rings and meaningful, one-of -a-kind fine jewelry.

The pics below link to various photo galleries of my work.

brushedwidesscf rosehammeredwstones lockwaves2
Simple Wedding Rings Wedding Bands 
Spirals, Swirls,
Curves Designs
mtwashingtonring dragonflybluedia ancientspirals2
Rings with
Nature Themes
Rings That Sparkle
Diamonds & Gems
2WhatisTrueRings fedoranotes firekeeperpin
Music, Symbols, Words Rings, Pendants Fine & Fun & Custom Jewelry

What I love most is working directly with my customers (you)
to create something precious and made with the input of your love, intention and style.

Most everything I sell is made to order.
Made in my eco-friendly studio from 100% recycled precious metals.
I work with folks all over the world and ship internationally.

Would you like to talk about some special jewelry you want made for you?
Think you’re not creative enough to design your own ring or pendant?
A few minutes discussion and some helpful questions make it easy!  
Contact me now so we can discuss ideas, designs, budget and more.
Free of charge and no pressure or obligation.
Call/text 541-650-1910