Vivace! Jewelry Company

My focus is on custom jewelry that celebrates love, creativity and the journeys of life. 

You will find the same awesome design and craftsmanship I brought to my former jewelry businesses – Sumiche Handwrought Jewelry and Shining Light Jewelry and continued commitment to using 100% recycled precious metals and running a “green” shop

About me

I’ve been making jewelry since 1974.
My specialty is custom designed, handmade wedding bands, engagement rings and other precious and commemorative jewelry. I love working with people to help them turn their ideas into precious, custom jewelry.

About my work

Everything is made to order by me. You won’t find high production or run of the mill jewelry here.
I’m not normally on the cutting edge of fashion, if I am it’s probably a fluke.  I serve a rather particular clientele. People who are “just folks”; not trying to madly keep up with society’s trends, not trying to make a statement of wealth or trendsetting.

About my customers

Like me and perhaps you, my customers tend to be sentimental, we prefer to do business with individuals who take the environment and social concerns into account when they shop. We value quality and craftsmanship and personal expression and the freedom to be “ourselves”.

About connections that last

I recently met a woman at a party. I thought she looked familiar and she thought I did too.  We exchanged names, some workplaces,some friends, then blank looks. Halfway through dinner I asked her if she’d ever dated a guy named Tim.  Bingo! Still dear friends, they had been engaged  about 15 years earlier.  TIm had commissioned me at that time to make a special ring as a Christmas gift for her.  She didn’t remember what that was though she was able to place me then as a jeweler they often stopped to visit with at the Saturday Market.
Before I fell asleep that night I did remember the garnet and silver ring I’d made for him.   There was nothing exotic about the ring.  It wasn’t some rare stone and it didn’t cost a lot of money.  I remembered because Tim and I made a connection during the ordering/purchasing process and that’s what stuck for me.

I certainly don’t remember everyone and everything I’ve ever made but who I deal with, how we treat each other and what they buy from me matters and that’s how I like to do business.

About my studio

I am committed to running an eco-friendly shop. 
I re-use and recycle as much as I can. I am always looking for new ways to conserve supplies or re-purpose tools. I know I am only one small drop in a big bucket.  Still, I try to be as green a “drop” as I can be.

All the jewelry is made using 100% recycled precious metals; gold, platinum and silver.

I am proud to say I was one of the first jewelers in the US to work with sustainably mined gold and platinum from Oro Verde in Colombia. I know this because I asked them and at that time they were not supplying any other jewelers in the US.
While I was glad to be part a supporter and customer of  this worthy fair trade operation, it was expensive and limiting because of shipping constraints.  At the time there were no jewelry metals’ suppliers in the US consistently offering casting grain or milled products made from 100% recycled materials. Over the past 10 years this has changed considerably.

Now I am happy to offer 100% recycled platinum, gold and silver through Hoover and Strong’s Harmony Metals Program.

Diamonds used are either Canadian Diamonds, Certified Conflict Free or “recycled” . Whenever possible I use fair trade gems as well.

I don’t have a storefront or keep any inventory on hand since nearly everything I sell is made to order. My website is my shop and gallery. I work with folks all over the world by phone, video conference, sending sketches and photos of working models and gemstones via email..
I can ship models and gemstones for pre-approval when necessary. I am always happy to answer questions and discuss your design ideas.


You may already know me from my other sites and previous companies – operating as Sumiche Jewelry and later as Shining Light Jewelry

by phone or video conference.
Call 541-650-1910 PST
OR email miche@vivacejewelry.com
I’ll be happy to speak with you.

Miché Meizner